Henry Strange is a multifaceted creator of music and technology.  He has invented several groundbreaking devices.   It started with the the vocal effects processor controlled via Theremin, which allowed you to wave your hands in performance to change fx applied to your voice or instrument.  This lead to the Wii controlled vocal effects processor for which is being used by Kanye on tour for years now.  The next evolution of that is the ‘Strange Mic’ for which all of the vocal effects are accessible buttons on the mic itself.  Beyond vocal processing systems, Henry created the very first midi sequenced LED lit Midi Controller.  This device gave the audience a light show to watch right at the Dj’s control surface.  This then lead to the Midi sequenced lap top lid, which gave the audience a light show to watch right on the back of the Dj’s laptop.   In addition to these specialized performance devices, Henry refined and then defined the current standards and systems in large production music playback and show control.  These systems are now being used by artists and bands all over and is likely used in the last concert you’ve seen.

Henry is himself a performing artist and music producer.  He has performed his original music as himself at major festivals such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland.  He has an album and any records release. He also has writing credit on records by artists such as Kid Cudi, Adam Lambert, and Ida Maria.