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You tell us what you have in mind, what your needs are, what we can help you with.  We’ll dream up some ideas for how we can help you build out your show. Our usual capabilities include:

Programming + playback for touring artists/bands
Music performance system design
Software/hardware instrument + controller integration

Live and programmed effects
Video and lighting integration
Gear sales & rental



As the details start coming in, we begin putting the pieces together.  

We’ll design a hardware rig that will give artists and MD as much control as they want and need. You give us info like stems, tempos, setlists, and we’ll create a fully integrated session file. We use rock-solid software and time-tested techniques to ensure smooth operation.

Every element is programmed for maximum flexibility, allowing for arrangement changes, tempo adjustments, live tracking.

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When the time comes, we’ll put the session and gear to the test in rehearsals. This stage of the process is for making sure everything sounds right and works how it’s supposed to, and leaving room for creativity as the show comes to life.



When the time comes, we go on the road as part of the crew, working as playback engineers, live fx technicians, and rig operators, or even performing as members of the band.  

Our dedicated team members and support network help ensure that EC systems operate exactly as they’re intended, every show.



In between tour cycles we make sure all of your music is safe and securely backed up, and if one-offs arise we easily train another team member to jump into place if your original tech isn’t available.