Rayna Zemel is a music producer in the truest sense of the word. As a music creator, audio engineer, and DJ, she has been creating narratives out of sound since the age of 17. Hailing from Los Angeles, California,Rayna's technological know-how has enabled her to shift effortlessly from producer to engineering to music education.

With an extensive background under her belt, Rayna has worked with an impressive amount of artists, with a particular focus within the hip hop and pop scene. Having spent 3 years as a protege for producer, Che Pope (producer: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, President of A&R G.O.O.D. Music), Rayna has worked for leading musical institutions s such as Paramount Recording Studio, Atlantic Records, and The Los Angeles Recording School. While under the tutelage of Che Pope, Rayna advanced from recording engineer to remixer to producer and has had the honor of co-producing records with artist such as Esthero, Graph Nobel, Isis Salem, and Masia One. She and Pope served as co-producers for Israeli actress, Meital Dohan’s (Weeds, Monogamy) debut album, “I’m in Hate with Love.”

Rayna served as a recording engineer at Atlantic Records in 2010 and recorded for artists such as Ester Dean, Cody Simpson, Flo Rida, and Tank.  The same year, she began teaching at The Los Angeles Recording School, a leading post secondary educational institute, and excelled as an educator who love and passion for music has resulted in some of the highest student teacher reviews in the school. She regularly conducted extracurricular clinics in live music production using Ableton software and the Livid Ohm RGB and Native Instrument’s Maschine as hardware.

As a producer, she has co-worked with heavy hitters such as Lifted (producer: Pitbull, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Kid Ink), Henry Strange (Mike Posner, Drake), and Sam Bruno (writer: Kanye West); produced for indie artists Meital Dohan, Hannibal Leq, Masia One and Isis Salem. As a DJ, she rocked the Pride LA 2014 Hip Hop stage with world renowned DJ Lo, and has DJ’d LA venues such as The DimeLA and The Virgil. Her original productions can be heard on televisions show on Bravo, MTV, VH1, Sundance Channel, FXSports, E!, and Animal Planet to name a few.

Originally from Philadelphia, Rayna developed a fondness for music at a very early age. To pursue her passion and musical interests, Rayna picked up her first guitar and so began a colorful and satisfying music career. Her first experiences led her to become a member of a surf / punk group based in Vermont, Workingman ́s Army but it was only after a while that she found her true musical calling: producing! The studio side of music eventually surpassed Rayna ́s interest in performances, winning her over completely.

Overtime, Rayna developed a very special style of her own, unique in its own right. Her music can be described as a well balanced compromise between Hip Hop and Electro, with light grooves and massive hooks. One of the trademark elements in Rayna ́s production is her meticulous adenLon to details in her tracks. Everything in her mixes is dosed correctly, creating powerful sounding songs that truly stand out from the crowd.