Greg Somerville is a producer, production tech and social coordinator for Electronic Creatives, and a soundwriting DJ and producer from Manhattan, NY. Greg wears many hats for EC; he maintains and updates EC's playback hardware/software, builds live sessions for artists, researches and implements new tech innovations, offers insight as an on-site tech and production consultant, and maintains the squad Instagram. He has worked on builds for and with artists such as AlunaGeorge, Reggie Watts, John Tejada, G-Flip, Kevin Olusola, and Rae Sremmurd, and has worked on gigs partnered with MixMag LA, Dirtybird Records, Apogee, and Antares to name a few. 

Greg is a music production fanatic. He is often found scouring the internet for exciting advances in the analog/digital realms. He DJs and cranks out beats and productions under the alias GES, and has performed in Amsterdam, NYC, NJ, Norway, Spain, and LA. In addition, he also composes and produces music for sync placements, recently having his music featured on HBO's "Problem Areas". He is grateful to be part of an amazing team with Electronic Creatives.